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September 10 2016

20160909_131024Corfu almost exactly 29 years ago photographed by my brother Haydn earning absolutely zero points for artistic impression from a diving board that always looks to me like a prop out of an episode of Thunderbirds. This is the kind of thing my generation spent their childhoods doing at the open air pool in Southport criminally demolished back in the early 1990s. I describe it in Dark Echo, when in 1927 Jane Boyte is there and sees Harry Spalding execute a perfect pike and enter the water with barely a ripple. I was never that fastidious and always much more of a show-off.

Because I didn’t want to hang around waiting for my Colony Trilogy closer Harvest of Scorn to come out, I’ve been getting on with The Lucifer Chord. This is the first stand-alone novel to feature my character Ruthie Gillespie. She’s been commissioned by a music mogul to research the life and death of a legendary rock star. What she discovers is intended to provide the copy in a lavish booklet included in the definitive box-set celebrating the band this rock star led. Sixty-odd pages into my story and Ruthie has just discovered that Ghost Legion frontman Martin Mear had a connection to the Jericho Society. Anyone who has read The Going and the Rise will know that she’s come across this sinister cult before. And that they’re very bad news…

If you’re wondering why Ruthie has taken on this job and is in London rather than on Wight, you’ll find the answers to those questions at the conclusion of Harvest of Scorn. I write chronologically and try to keep things honest. Michael Aldridge, my lovelorn architect from The Going, is in this one too. I like him. Though whether he’ll enjoy his participation in the story (or even survive it) is yet to be determined. I make them up as I go along. I like to think they’re less predictable that way, but the truth is it’s the only technique I’ve got. A bit like being on that diving board. I was a pretty indifferent diver, but could always do the back somersault okay.

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‘A treasure trove of dark dreams and sinister sorcery’ –The Times

I’d like to send you a book, for free – the debut appearance of my favourite character, Ruthie.  

You just need to tell me where to send it…

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