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‘A treasure trove of dark dreams and sinister sorcery’ –The Times

I’d like to send you a book, for free – the debut appearance of my favourite character, Ruthie.  

You just need to tell me where to send it…

f g cottam paranormal author occult the colony

‘Creating convincing contemporary ghost stories is far from easy in the cynical, secular 21st century … but F. G. Cottam’s intelligent, atmospheric writing carries the conviction that surely sustained MR James back in the days of gaslight and fog.’

Phil Rickman, bestselling author of the Merrily Watkins series 

F.G. Cottam is the award-winning novelist responsible for nine paranormally themed thrillers including The House of Lost Souls, The Lazarus Prophecy and The Waiting Room.

His stories are atmospheric, imbued with a gathering sense of dread and made convincing  by a detailed knowledge of history and folkloric myth.  His books have been translated into 14 languages and his most recently completed project is a trilogy inspired by his most popular novel of occult mystery, The Colony.


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June 29 2017

            That’s me and my son Gabriel on the coast at Courtown in County Wicklow in Ireland in the summer of 1999. He was born in September of ’97 and so wasn’t quite two years old. Despite appearances, I wasn’t about to drown him. He’s 19 now and about 6ft. […]

June 17 2017

        This is the opening page of my debut novel, written in 1984 and subsequently forgotten about for at least the last 30 years. Allison & Busby were going to publish it. Then Duckworth were going to publish it, but in the event neither of them did. I decided after that disappointment […]


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